$299 - Desktop Appraisal Level 2

Desktop Appraisal Level 2 is completed from our office and we never view the property being appraised, the comparable properties, or the neighborhood personally.  We do use a multitude of online resources and any descriptions you provide in our appraisal, and we have a broad understanding of the market areas we appraise in.  In most cases, this appraisal type is as accurate as the Exterior / Drive-By Appraisal but it sometimes does not satisfy some third parties, such as the IRS.

Desktop Level 2 vs Desktop Appraisal Level 1:
  • Desktop Appraisal Level 2 includes all of the details that are common in appraisals (where possible), including photographs, market conditions, detailed property descriptions, and neighborhood description.  It is indistinguishable from the Consumer Appraisal, except that there are far fewer pictures included.
  • Desktop Appraisal Level 1 is a minimal report that includes no pictures and only includes neighborhood, market condition, and property descriptions as needed.  The appraisals presentation is a basic appraisal form that includes the analysis and basic property description only (plus necessary disclosures, scope of work, title page, and other such documentation).
Applicable Property Types: Houses, Condominiums, Manufactured Homes
Good For:
  • This appraisal can be highly reliable, depending on the data available or provided but is usually for situations when a highly reliable value is not necessary, when access to the property is not possible, when the property may not be currently representative of the property as of the effective date of the appraisal, and when you believe your description of the property is adequate for your purpose.
  • Family-Based Transactions / Family Purchases / Family Sales
    Asset Management
  • Before Buying or Selling (when not expected to be used for negotiating)
  • Bankruptcy (uncommon, usually Standard Appraisal)
  • Situations such as Bankruptcy, Divorce, Taxes, etc. upon the guidance of your legal and/or financial advisers.
  • Many More


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